Debugging Smart Contracts with Truffle Debugger: A Practical Approach

Bugs! Bugs are aliens that creep into a programmer's code at night when no one is watching and alter the state of the working code. These aliens have only one mission - to frustrate the life of a programmer. How does a programmer kill a bug before he dies of frustration? Yeah, you got it right! By debugging. But why would a programmer go into a debugging war without the right tools? [Read More]

A Deep Dive into the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) - part 1: Introduction

The Blockchain ecosystem is growing very quickly and its practical applications are being deployed in various industries such as Health, Finance, Music and so on. The Ethereum Blockchain has been largely responsible for this rapid development. The Ethereum Blockchain provides an ideal platform for developers to build and deploy decentralized applications through its virtual machine formally referred to as the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). [Read More]